Shapes and humanity

Katharina Gruber is a German artist who works through the land and the desires of a feminine body. 

She was born on July, 28th 1986, between the Bavarian mountains and two islands; the Isle of the Men and the Isle of Women ( Herrenchiemsee and Frauenchiemsee ). She has worked in fashion houses in Paris: Balenciaga, Anne Valerie Hash, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Zara Studio in Spain, and has done conceptual design for Yeon in New York City, completing a portfolio for Calvin Klein. Gruber uses clothing as a medium; for her it is "an expression of who we are, the feeling of the moment, the core and the essence of our being".

She understands clothing as inner - oriented in its origin and something that contributes to our immunity in the outer world - a home.

She is the founder of 'Les Baigneuses', a series of spa clothes with social and educational aspirations. For her, it is clothing to be long lived and loved in. 

Her work as an artist includes sculptures, writings, drawings and photography. These activities are all motivations under the subject of being and connecting; meditations on human exchange, on how we are individually impacted by variations in our environment. This artistic work is an intimate, comforting and poetic expression of her voice, however it deeply informs her work as a <Gestalterin> and her business practice.  

She lives internationally, as a guest to our planet.

A mountain lion. 

photo © Ola Rindal

photo © Ola Rindal