For the second édition of 'ssergorp ni krow' Madoka Rindal (ceramist), Ola Rindal (photographer) and Yuni Hong (performance artist) presented each other's work during an open vernissage. Katharina Gruber was invited to participate with her installation work. 

Les Baigneuses vêtements Spa, 2018

Les Baigneuses presents a set of body works, including bath robe, ensembles, morning coat and smoking coat. The inspiration comes from her birthplace; the Bavarian mountains and the two islands, the Isle of Men and the Isle of Women (Herrenchiemsee and Frauenchiemsee). A playground for connection and freedom of thought. Sharing an intimate, comforting and poetic journey through the earth, different bodies and different cultures. Desire for love and connection. It is the sacred and the depth, day and night, a feeling of well-being in oneself.

A poetry of love.

La douche sur la langue ‘Wellness’

Flower printed clothing in cotton cloth, sculpture plaster, cinnamon.

Déforestation ‘Suit for love’

Clothing set in wool, solid wood.

Le soleil d’or ‘L’homme et la femme ensemble’

Assembly of two skirts made of wool, metal body and newsprint.

Corbeille de fruits ‘Morning coat’

Wool clothing, plaster sculptures.